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trailer 1

Young Eliáš and his Dad, both disguised as women, run to find Eliáš's mother through a strangely dystopian landscape where people are filled only with frustration and fear. In order for the boy to keep his childhood ideals and become a real sensitive person, he has to face this cruel world of adults, which includes his own dad.

Director: Tomáš Klein
inspired by an eponymous novel by Jáchym Topol
DOP: Dušan Husár
A co-production of: Punkchart Films (SK), Czech Television (
Supported by: Czech Film Fund, Slovak Audiovisual Fund,
Moravian-Silesian Region, Pilsen Region

trailer 2

Lilia returns home to her family and fellow soldiers after spending months held captive as a prisoner of war. As an aerial reconnaissance expert, she was always on the lookout from the drones that she controlled from the sky. As a civil and a wife, she struggles to look forward to the future. The pain and trauma from her time in captivity continue to surface in dreamlike ways, as something is inside her reminding of what she’s trying to move on from.  Maksym Nakonechnyi’s debut film is a harsh and surreal tale about a victim who simply refuses to be identified as one.

director: Maksym Nakonechny
cp-production: UA, CZ, HR, SE
supported by: Eurimages, Ukrainian State Film Agency
Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine
Czech Film Fund, Swedish Film Institute, Ukrainian Institute
Premiered at: Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2022
 107 min 

trailer 3

Mína with her Toy friend are having fun in a sandpit. Suddenly, mud pies are stamped out and the Toy is captured by cycling Totemites! Only the youngest one, Tricycler, feels sorry for the Toy. To save the Toy tied up to a high Totem seems impossible. Our heroes need to overcome risky challenges including digging tunnel under the playground and bike chasing. Finally, Tricycler gives Mína a hand and a new friendship is born.

Director: Kateřina Karhánková
Script: Štěpánka Ansorge, Kateřina Karhánková
Co-produced by: BlackBoat Pictures FR
Supported by: Czech Film Fund, CNC
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, MAGELIS, CHARENTE County Council
Presented at: Euroconnection
ČR,FR |2022|10 min |DCP|MP4

trailer 4

Ester (40) is a single mother of a mentally disabled son David. She only has one small dream: to spend two weeks in Italy at her old-time friend´s house without her son. At the last moment, the plans change and she has no other option than to take David with her.

Director: Zuzana Kirchnerová
Script: Zuzana Kirchnerová, Tomáš Bojar
DOP: Denisa Buranová
Co-produced by: Nutprodukce SK, Tempesta IT
Supported by: State Cinematography Fund CZ
Presented at: Cinéfondation – L’Atelier
Torino Film Lab, When East Meets West

trailer 5

Their blood is the blood of nomadic artists, and their obsession dates back to generations of the famous Kopecky puppeteering clan. Their ambitions point inwards, to their roots. To family. Whatever you try to escape will always find its way back to you.

Directed by: Erik Knopp

Co-produced by: Czech television, State Cinematography Fund
Supported by: ČSOB

kinodistribuce od 11.6.2020
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trailer 6

Hanička is a little girl who would love to have fun with her friends from secondary school and do all the things girls like her usually do. But now she can barely think of games - she started to believe that the most popular teacher in the school is a vampire. While nobody believes her warnings, her investigation leads to a clear conclusion - the world is in danger and the fight for it is going to take place in their forgotten little town.

director: Tomáš Pavlíček
script: Tomáš Pavlíček, Lucie Bokšteflová
supported by: MEDIA Creative Europe, Czech Film Fund

trailer 7

Jara is one of thousands of Czechs who, after being released from institutional care, are suddenly forced to stand on their own two feet. He works hard in the factory, trying to give his little daughter and wife the life he could never have. After an executor shows up at his door and seizes the money meant to pay back his loan shark, Jara sets off, along with his brother, on a mission to save his family and start a new life. When they don’t manage to get the money they need, they have to resort to drastic measures.

Written and directed by: Ondřej Novák
DOP: David Hoffman
Postproduction: Magiclab
Runtime: 13 minutes
© 2019

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trailer 8

This film tells a story of a man, who dreamed to become a painter, but could not resist the opportunity to take part in enormous social experiment and to become a significant cinematographer of nationalized Czechoslovak cinematography of the half of twentieth century. It tells a story of Jaroslav Kučera, painter of motion images.

Direction: Jakub Felcman, Tomáš Michálek
Coproduced by: Czech Television
Supported by: Creative Europe - MEDIA,
Czech Cinematography Fund, Czech Ministry of Culture
Premiered at: Febiofest 2019, 4.4.2019

ČR | 2019 | 62 MIN | DCP
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trailer 9

Terminally ill Janette wants to die with dignity, which she finds impossible in the UK where she lives. Therefore she decides for an assisted suicide. She must set off on a journey to Switzerland before her advancing disease makes it impossible. Do we own our lives or do they own us? That is the question behind this documentary portrait which shows that - despite the inevitable sorrow - death can also be good. Using dramatically suggestive camera work and elements of feature film, this movie also engages characters and stories of Janette's loved ones.

Directed by: Tomáš Krupa
Co-produced by: Koprodukce: Hailstone, Golden Girls Film, RT
G.E.I.E, Česká televize, MasterFilm

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trailer 10

Tomáš Pavlíček´s new comedy/drama tells a story of a family, who has decided to sell their beloved, yet today useless country house. Mother decides the entire family must come and spend one last weekend at the cabin - despite the family´s resistance. The get-together reveals a lot about the family members and their mutual relationships, which had never been easy to conform to tolerance and patience and it is not any different in the present days. Starring: Jan Kačer, Ivana Chýlková, Tereza Voříšková, Václav Kopta, Judit Bárdos, David Vávra

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of
the European Union.

Script, direction: Tomáš Pavlíček DOP: Jan Baset Střítěžský
Co-production: Czech Television
Supported by: State Cinematography Fund (CZ)
Distribution company: CinemArt Premiere: July 26, 2018

trailer 11

Olda (17) is an accused waiting for his trial in a detention centre for juveniles. The monotone prison life is gradually intertwined with memories of a police reconstruction. It took one summer night for the holiday boredom to turn into a cruel fun that resulted in death.

Script and directors: Jiří Havlíček, Ondřej Novák
D.O.P: Šimon Dvořáček
Edit: Šimon Hájek
Starring: Jaroslav Květoň, Simon Baláž, Marek Svoboda
15 min

Premier: Locarno Festival - Pardi di domani, August 2018

trailer 12

An extraordinary, lonely yet spiritually strong little girl attempts to comprehend the adult world, which in her eyes is very contradictory, and to prove her own value despite the ignorance and lack of appreciation by her family during the dramatic years preceding World War II.

directed by: Ināra Kolmane
DOP: Jurgis Kmins
concept artist: Petr Nikl
cast: Elīna Vāne, Artūrs Skrastiņš, Gundars Aboliňš
co-producing countries: Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania
© 2018

trailer 13

Una and an alien robot have 24 hours to find her Grandpa who was kidnapped by aliens. The extraordinary adventure leads to friendship, the rational robotic logic is replaced by emotions and Una's selfless love saves her partly alien family.

directed by: Dražen Žarković, Marina Andree Škop
DOP: Sven Pepeonik
cast: Lana Hranjec, Ozren Grabarić, Nils Ole Oftebro
co-produced by: Wady Films (LU), Filmbin (NO), Fabrika (BA),
Artileria (SK), Senca Studio (SI), Croatian Radiotelevision,
MagicLab (CZ), Art Rebel 9 (SI), MasterFilm (CZ)
© 2019

trailer 14

On the glades surrounded by dark woods, Furry together with a group of different species of friends, live in the burrows. They feed themselves only by seeds which become glowing fruit after touching the ground. However, these appear only rarely. The animals´ fear of the wood does not allow them to leave the glade and head off to look for the food somewhere else. Instead, they resignedly wait until it falls from the sky. Furry does not want only to wait. The wood awakens curiosity in him and despite all concerns and disagreements of others, he decides to go through it.

Screenplay & Director: Kateřina Karhánková
Artist: Alžběta Skálová
Co-producers: FAMU, Media Film (SK)
Currently in postproduction
Supported by: State Cinematography Fund

CZ, SK | 2017 | 8 MIN

trailer 15

An autobiographic film by a legendary Czech New Wave director Jan Němec based on his biography “Nepodávej ruku číšníkovi”. "Wolf, a savage, tricky and uncotrollable creature. Wolf insheep's clothing and other way around. You'll see the crime scenes, the authentic dialogues, author's comment, archive materials both genuine and fake. Everything in the film had really happened. Or maybe it might be little blown up."

Screenplay & Direction: Jan Němec
Co-producers: Czech Television, BocaLupo Films (FR),
Media Film (SK)
Supported by: Czech Cinematography Fund

Currently in state of Production
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trailer 16

Animated short based on an urban legend from the era of Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia during the WW II. The phantom avenger with spring-heeled shoes jumps above the streets of Prague and fights the occupants. He has to stop the Nazis from waking up the Golem - a dreadful artificial being from The Old Jewish Town. Czech variation on classic superheroes. Apart from them it wasn’t created by the fantasy of comic writers. This one was created directly from the folk tales.

Screenplay & Direction: Marek Berger
Co-producers: FAMU, Libor Pixa
Supported by: Czech Cinematography Fund

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trailer 17

The young director meets Rajko Doleček, a 90 yrs old dietitian and a former TV star, who used to promote healthy lifestyle, but who is also a convinced nationalist and a close friend of Ratko Mladič, who is held on trial in The Hague. In her feature-length film, Kristýna Bartošová delves into the personal life of Doctor Doleček, who is very charming, and the director has struggles between her affinity towards him and his unacceptable opinions. The Dangerous World of Doctor Doleček is a film about manipulation, but also a search for mutual understanding, acceptance

Screenplay & Direction: Kristýna Bartošová
Co-producers: Czech Television, FAMU
Supported by: Czech Cinematography Fund
World premiere: Doc Leipziz 2015,
IDF Jihlava 2015 - Special Jury Mention First Light,
Pravo Ljudski Sarajevo 2015 - Special Jury Mention
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trailer 18

Feature documentary film The Czech Way tells a story of Czechoslovak economic transformation of the 90s. This transformation took place in the period, when the Czech and Slovak nationhood were established, so it was presented as the key to the transformation of totalitarian society into a democratic one, and on the other side, publicly understood mainly as a process of wealth redistribution from the stay to the people. The consequences of the very execution and rhetorics accompanying such sudden and large transfers of property still have interminable importance.

Screenplay & Direction: Martin Kohout
Co-producers: FAMU, Media Film (SK), RTVS (SK)
Supported by: Czech Cinematography Fund
World premiere: IDF Jihlava 2015

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trailer 19

Documentary series called One Blood tells stories of young people in countries we know mostly from pictures full of suffering, poverty and terrorism. It documents lives of people who attempt to fulfil their dreams through sport and art despite their uneasy conditions in the country. They belong among the handful of those who stand against the society which denies or even bans their way of life. Their passion might be considered naive or stunning in Europe, nevertheless it shows a new generation of people who aim to change the future of these failed countries.

Screenplay & Direction: Jarmila Štuková, Andrej Štuk
Currently in state of Development

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trailer 20

A short experimental film about repopulating the biosphere with primitive forms of life, captured on film medium using a chemical etching technique. The filmmaker’s creative style is based on the tradition of abstract handmade films and explores the possibilities and limits of film material and its photochemical properties.

Screenplay & Direction: František Týmal
Co-producers: FAMU
Supported by: Czech Cinematography Fund
World premiere: IFDF Jihlava 2015

CZECH REPUBLIC | 2015 | 10 MIN | 70 MM
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trailer 21

Michael or rather Mike is a twenty-two year old tattooer who ran away from war-torn Syrian Aleppo. At that time, he was sixteen. He could choose whether to pick up a gun with his childish hand and fight against the opponents of the Bashar’s regime, or leave the country and thus help his family which was not very well off. But most importantly, to fulfil his dream of becoming an honoured tattooer.

Screenplay & Direction: Jarmila Štuková, Andrej Štuk
Supported by: Czech Cinematography Fund

Currently in state of Development
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trailer 22

This short film observes a group of amateur singers. They all share the same singing teacher, Dana, who prepared party for them. Everybody has to sing there. All of the students are pretty nervous. Kristyna, the mediator, succeses. Radek, the chief, is nervous but finally finds his voice. Julia, math teacher, is being trampled by Dana and Pavla will sing only imaginery. Karaoke party continues but nobody knows that soon some of them will get kicked out of Dana's classes.

Direction: Monika Midriaková
Written by: Monika Midriaková, Milada Mašín
Supported by: Czech Cinematography Fund

Currently in state of Production
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trailer 23

Štěpán is twenty-five and, although he has sufficient energy, he doesn’t really know where to direct it – or his life, for that matter. Nevertheless, he is unexpectedly goaded into action by a girl’s voice on the telephone and by a world-weary man he meets while staying at a country cottage. An unusual tragicomedy with an original cast.

Screenplay & Direction: Tomáš Pavlíček
Co-producers: Česká televize, FAMU
Supported by: Czech Cinematography Fund, APA
World premiere: Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

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